Mobile Baccarat

baccaratOne casino card game that you may not have realised can be played on a mobile device, is the age old game of Baccarat. This is one of those games that you may love playing and will always play it religiously when you find it on offer at any casino site, or it will be a game that you avoid playing!

The reasons why some players tend to have a love/hate relationship with Baccarat is that it can sometimes be a highly volatile card game to play, and there will be times when playing it that you win hand after hand and can seemingly do no wrong, however the opposite can often happen and you will get sessions where no matter what hand you bet on you simply cannot pick the winning one!

Baccarat is actually a great game to play on a mobile device, for the only decision you have to make when you have chosen a chip value and stake setting is to tap your chips onto one of the three possible betting positions, and then hope the one you picked is the winning hand at the end of that game!

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How to Play Baccarat on a Mobile Device

Should you be interested in giving the mobile Baccarat game a try, then be aware that most of our featured mobile casino sites will have this game on offer, and as mentioned above you are always going to be able to play it for stake levels you are comfortable with a the minimum stake is usually around 1.00 per hand, but those stakes can be increased up to amount in excess of 100.00 per hand.

Once you have logged into a mobile casino site, simply scroll through the casino game menu and select the Baccarat game by tapping onto it, the game will then launch and load and you are then faced just with three possible betting options.

You can select to wager on the Bankers Hand, the Players Hand or the Tied Hand, simply select the hand that you think is going to win and then tap as many chips as you wish to wager onto the betting box.

The Dealer will then deal out a set of cards to the Bankers and Players hand, the aim of the game is quite simple, whichever hand is valued to as near as 9 as is possible will be deemed to be the winning hand.

If you place a wager on the winning hand you will be paid out depending on which hand you wagered on. A winning wager on the Players hand will see your stake amount being doubles, as the winning odds on that hand are even money.

A winning Bankers hand will pay out at even money also, however when you place a wager on the Bakers Hand and it wins then you have to pay a house commission of 5%. The Tied Hand bet winning payout odds can vary from mobile casino to mobile casino however the industry standard odds are 8 to 1.

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