Mobile BlackJack

blackjackThere are, as you are probably fully aware, many different variants of Blackjack you can play. It is always going to be the case of which casino you are playing at as to whether you are going to find a large range of Blackjack games or only a handful of them on offer.

It doesn’t really matter where you play Blackjack, one important aspect of playing is that you need to fully understand is how to play this casino card game optimally and you must only ever sit down to play the variants which have been designed in such a way that their respective house edge is low.

Fortunately all of our listed mobile casino sites utilize some of the largest and most well known mobile casino gaming platforms, and as such the Blackjack game variants you are going to have access to offer low house edges and the industry standard winning payouts.

Those winning payouts are as follows, a winning blackjack hand, one containing any Ace and a 10 value card when unmatched by the Dealers hand should return a winning payout of 3 to 2, always check the betting layout to ensure the variant you are playing has a payout of 3 to 2 for some mobile casinos offer a very poor paying Blackjack game variant which boast winning Blackjack hand payouts of a lower valued 6 to 5!

All of the other winning player hand combinations should pay even money. Look out for the Insurance side bet wager, for that offers a payout of 2 to 1 but due to it being a high house edge optional side bet wager you are best advised to never place that wager!

Best Mobile BlackJack Casinos:

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Basic Mobile Blackjack Playing and Betting Options

If you do fancy playing Blackjack on a mobile device then simply tap on the Blackjack game from the game menu when you are logged into your chosen mobile casino site, and when the game loads simply tap the betting box area on the Blackjack table to place your stakes for the next game.

Once you have made placed that wager and clicked on the deal button you will be deal two cards and the dealer will be dealt one card facing upwards. You will be able to stand your hand which will see no further cards being dealt out to it, or you can hit your hand and by doing so one additional playing card will be dealt to your hand.

Some Blackjack game variants will let you buy an additional card once you have been dealt two cards and this is known as the Double Down bet, this bet will see you having to pay another wager the value of which will be the same as your initial bet amount to receive that third card.

You will also find that when you get dealt a pair of cards that share the same value you will be able to split those hands into two new hands, but by doing so you will have to place another stake on that second hand formed. The aim of any Blackjack game is to try and beat the dealers hand by getting as close to a value of 21 with your cards as you can.

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