Mobile Roulette

rouletteYou are going to find lots of different Roulette game variants are on offer when you start to play in the mobile casino game playing environment, and the trick to you getting the best winning opportunities is to instantly recognise each variant on offer and know just what house edge is attached to those games.

If you are blissfully unaware what the house edge of any Roulette game refers to, this is simply a theoretical amount of cash, which is displayed as a percentage, that the casino is expected to win from players over the long term operation of any game of chance.

With there being quite a number of different mobile Roulette games available, we are now going to give you an insight into what these games are and whether they are games worth playing or are Roulette games that you should overlook and never play, due to the way they have been designed, their payouts and that all important house edge!

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American Roulette

You will find that virtually all of the betting locations you can choose to bet on the American Roulette betting layout will return a house edge of 5.26% that means for every 100.00 you wager it is expected you will lose on average 5.26, however with a winnings streak you could of course end up winning and winning big in a short period of time playing this Roulette game on any mobile device.

However you need to locate a better paying game than this if you want the maximum winning chances and the next two variants offer much lower house edges and are therefore the games you should be looking for at any mobile casino site you choose to play at!

European Roulette

The house edge on the European mobile Roulette game which you will not have any problems finding in the gaming suite of any of our reviewed mobile casino sites has been designed to give the house a much smaller house edge than the one above, and as such this games betting positions all have a house edge of just 2.70% attached to them

French Roulette

If you want to play the lowest house edge mobile Roulette game then you need to track down the French Roulette game but be aware when playing this game all of the betting position return a house edge of 2.70% like the above game with the exception of the even money paying betting positions, which return a house edge of just 1.35%.

Mini Roulette

You are best advised to not go anywhere near the Mini Roulette game, and certainly never play it! This is a fairly new Roulette game variant and what some players find appealing about it is that there are only the numbers from one to twelve on the wheel and one zero in play on that wheel.

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